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Stad Lëtzebuerg

Local elections 2023

A breath of fresh air for our city


In the municipal elections on 11 June, you, dear fellow citizens, will decide on the future of our city.

We’re facing many challenges, e.g. in terms of housing and mobility, as well as global ones such as the climate crisis. If we want a good quality of life in the future, we have to proactively find solutions together. In recent years, instead of pursuing a forward-looking agenda, the DP-CSV majority has been characterised by missed opportunities. It is time for a political renewal with a new mayor and a new team who improve the quality of life in our city and shape the future of tomorrow.

Shaping the future means ensuring liveable neighbourhoods, with more spaces to meet as well as organising our mobility in a sustainable way. It means making our city climate neutral by 2035 and providing young people with high-quality schools and childcare. It means ensuring a safe city and making sure that everyone finds their place.

We, the Greens, are the guarantee for this and we are ready to take on the responsibility of leading the municipality. You can find our entire programme here on our website. We look forward to continuing the conversation with you in the coming weeks and count on your trust on 11 June for a breath of fresh air in our city.

François BenoyClaudie Reyland
Head of list candidate for the position of Mayor of the City of Luxembourg
Local councillor 
Member of Parliament
Local councillor 
Head of list candidate

Our programme for the city

Short version of our programme in 4 languages

François Benoy

Member of Parliament, local concillor and running for mayor of Luxembourg-city

Hello, my name is François. I am 37 years old, have two children and live in Bonnevoie. I grew up in Belair where I learnt from the scouts that progress can only be made together. After my studies, I worked for the protection of our environment with natur&ëmwelt.

As a local councillor, I got to know all the facets of our city. I’m convinced that the potential to improve our quality of life exists. We just have to seize it. That’s why our city needs a breath of fresh air, also at the top of the municipality. For this reason, I’m running for mayor of Luxembourg-city.

Claudie Reyland

Local concillor and head of list candidate

Hello, I’m Claudie. I am 58 years old and I am a mother of 2 children. As a veterinarian and Red Cross volunteer, helping others has always been very important to me.

After several years in Clausen and Neudorf, I now live in Limpertsberg. I like to go out and enjoy our city, whether it is to see a play or listen to concerts with friends. Culture brings people together. That is why I am committed to a green and open city with an attractive cultural offer for everyone.