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Local elections 2023

A breath of fresh air for our city


Next year, you, dear citizens of Luxembourg City, will decide on the future of our city. How will our neighbourhoods develop? What mobility will be prioritised? How will we live together? Over the next months, we want to discuss all these questions with you.

We are living in difficult times: a war in Europe, the deterioration of our planet and growing inequality are just some of the crises we face. If we want to guarantee a high quality of life in the future, we must respond to these challenges by choosing action over inaction.

However, the work of the DP-CSV college of alderman is not up to these challenges. Our city needs a political renewal and a new team to create attractive neighbourhoods, support citizens in their daily lives and make our city accessible to all. As Greens, we have made many proposals in this respect over the past years.

Many citizens are already living this change, by getting involved in their communities, investing in renewable energy and travelling by public transportation or by bike. It is time to translate this into political action.

Standing still is not the way forward. So, together, let’s bring a breath of fresh air into our city!

François BenoyClaudie Reyland
Local councillor 
Member of Parliament
Head of list candidate for the position of Mayor of the City of Luxembourg
Local councillor 
Head of list candidate

François Benoy

Member of Parliament, local concillor and running for mayor of Luxembourg-city

Hello, my name is François. I am 37 years old, have two children and live in Bonnevoie. I grew up in Belair where I learnt from the scouts that progress can only be made together. After my studies, I worked for the protection of our environment with natur&ëmwelt.

As a local councillor, I got to know all the facets of our city. I’m convinced that the potential to improve our quality of life exists. We just have to seize it. That’s why our city needs a breath of fresh air, also at the top of the municipality. For this reason, I’m running for mayor of Luxembourg-city.

Claudie Reyland

Local concillor and head of list candidate

Hello, I’m Claudie. I am 58 years old and I am a mother of 2 children. As a veterinarian and Red Cross volunteer, helping others has always been very important to me.

After several years in Clausen and Neudorf, I now live in Limpertsberg. I like to go out and enjoy our city, whether it is to see a play or listen to concerts with friends. Culture brings people together. That is why I am committed to a green and open city with an attractive cultural offer for everyone.


Do you want a green and inclusive city, with high quality of life and better mobility?

A new draft law provides that all residents can vote in municipal elections, regardless of their nationality or how long they have lived in Luxembourg.

Register now for the municipal elections on 11 June 2023!