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Stad Lëtzebuerg

Our candidate for mayor François Benoy and his team

Our capital, like our society as a whole, is facing major challenges. Déi gréng are the guarantors that these will be tackled decisively over the next six years. We want to improve the quality of life in the neighbourhoods, guide the city towards climate neutrality, ensure sustainable, safe and convenient mobility for all, massively accelerate the construction of affordable housing, promote good living together and better support our youth and children.

We are ready to take on the responsibility of leading our municipality and therefore, for the first time, we are presenting a candidate for mayor in the municipal elections – our municipal councillor and member of Parliament François Benoy.

Alongside François Benoy, Claudie Reyland completes our leading duo, who are joined by a committed and diverse team of 25 candidates.

Our list of candidates is composed of 13 women and 14 men of 7 different nationalities. Our candidates live in 14 different districts of the capital and work and are involved in a wide range of fields, from the financial sector to civil society and the cultural sector. The average age is 47.

The fresh air that we will provide our city and that our municipality so urgently needs is also reflected in our list of candidates: more than half of the 27 candidates are standing for municipal elections for the first time.

The list was unanimously approved by the members of the local section at a general meeting and is composed as follows:

François Benoy38LUBonnevoieDéputé, Conseiller communal
Claudie Reyland59LUBelairConseillère communale
Nicolas Back36LUBonnevoieIngénieur en transition énergétique
Liudumila Vanira Branca43PTKirchbergAdjointe exécutive
Christa Broemmel57LU/DEGasperichConseillère communale
Marie Cheynet49FRBonnevoieMédecin urgentiste
Jean-Marc Cloos55LUGareDirecteur médical du CHdN
Fabricio Costa28LU/PTPfaffenthalCo-porte-parole déi jonk gréng
Maria Eduarda de Macedo63PTBeggenConseillère communale
Patrick van Egmond48NLBonnevoieChef d’entreprise
Stefania Filice-Lorenzen47ITClausenJuriste à la Cour de Justice de l’UE
Linda Gaasch35LUCentsConseillère communale
Nicolas Hentgen30LUCessangeDirecteur d’investissements
Cyrille Horper37LUKirchbergGestionnaire de projets de mobilité
Laure Huberty42LUBelairFonctionnaire, diplomate
Nicole Etikwa Ikuku46LUBelairDirectrice Cercle de Coopération des ONGD
Bob Lessel33LUBonnevoieExpert en sciences de la santé
Nico Meyrer65LUBelairProfesseur en retraite
Charles Muller59LUHollerichAdministrateur indépendant
Barbara Ruland47LU/DEHollerichArchitecte
Laure Simon-Becker61LUBonnevoieCoordinatrice de projets en faveur du patrimoine religieux
Dubravka Sušilović50HRLimpertsbergFonctionnaire européenne
Sébastien Tasch47LUGasperichGestionnaire de projets audiovisuels
Yves Wagener60LUEichConseiller d’État, Avocat
Pauline Walter38LU/FRBelairJuriste au CCSS
Charles Wennig51LURollingergrundAssistant de direction Konschthal
Paul Zens58LUKirchbergCo-président déi gréng Stad